OYC's Award Recipients


Commodore's Cup

This award, first presented in 1986, is given by the Commodore to the club member (not a Board member) who continuously supports the club above and beyond what is expected.

1986 Bill Petrey
1987 Nick Katsarelis, Sr
1988 Richard Charles
1989 Tom Coldwell
1990 Martin and Rosie Betts
1991 Arleen and Ned Rhodes
1992 John and Susan Harvey
1993 Al and Janis Hobson
1994 Paula and Steve Wexler
1995 Barb and Tom Egmore
1996 Rick and Teresa Sorrenti
1997 Peggy and Jim Ball
1998 Mary Jo and Steve Worcester
1999 Dave and Carol Moore
2000 Gary and Nicky Linck
2001 Tony Mirando and Tom Shank
2002 Rebecca & John Heinze
2003 Gail and Joe Livingston
2004 Andrew and Liz Kalweit
2005 Steve Thompson
2006 Arleen and Ned Rhodes
2007 Harry Croft
2008 Nabil and Lucy Dubraque
2009 Sharman and Kenny Harris
2010 Joe Livingston
2011 Pat and Harry Croft
2012 Rebecca Heinze
2013 Pat Schondel and Christie Rauker
2014 Chris Rose
2015 Johnny Deditus
2016 Anne Bennett
2017 Pat Croft
2018 John Cornicelli
2019 Pat & Vanessa Schondel
2020 Brian Field

Bent Prop

This award, first presented in 1988, is given to the Captain most skilled at grounding their boat and/or removing as many blades from their vessel’s prop (or props) as possible in a single event.

1988 Bill Petrey
1989 Kenny Long, Jr.
1990 Carl Way
1991 Henry Lovell
1992 David and Carol Ann Moore
1993 George and Virginia Frank
1994 Barbara and Tom Egmore
1995 Aaron Martin
1996 Ray Steele
1997 Bob Wilcox
1998 Ed and Martha Jane Dodd
1999 Susan and Walt Cheatam
2000 Cookie and Rudy Zimpel
2001 Teresa and Rick Sorrenti
2002 Ann Shipley
2003 Steve and Susan Thompson
2004 No Recipient
2005 Harry Croft
2006 Bob and Lynn Wilson
2007 Patrick and Sabrina Worcester
2008 Chris Rose
2009 Bob and Lynn Wilson
2010 John Heinze
2011 Jim Hawley
2012 Kevin Jackson
2013 Pat Schondel and Christie Rauker
2014 Scott Del Monte
2015 Bruno Millonig
2016 Russ and Bill
2017 Bud Bishop
2018 Jerry Sanders
2019 Jerry Tarasek
2020 Jerry Sanders


Golden Snorkel

This award, first presented in 2004, is given to the lucky, or rather the unlucky member who took an unintended swim from a boat or dock (without serious injury to anything but their pride).

2004 Iiona Zsairi
2005 Terry Mattke
2006 No Recipient
2007 No Recipient
2008 Lynanne Jorsey
2009 Kenny Harris
2010 Jim Larkin
2011 Tom Lensis
2012 Larry Freedman
2013 Pat Schondel
2014 Bud Bishop
2015 Deb Solowan
2016 Steve Preda
2017 Jerry Sandors
2018 Susie Tarasek
2019 Bruno Millonig
2020 Jerry Sanders

 Slippery Dinghy

This award, first presented in 2004, may not ever be given again, but is is for dropping your dinghy off of your boat. (Ooops!)

2019 Bruno Millonig
2020 Jerry Sanders